Shettleston Community Growing Project

We are keen to run more corporate workdays at our site in Shettleston through which we can provide:

* a novel and memorable day's volunteering for up to 20 people

* team building and development opportunities

* guided tour of our award-winning community garden and allotment site

* information on the history, development and future plans of our project

* risk assessment and health and safety provision

* training and supervision while on site

* on-site briefing for the day's task or project

* lunch and refreshments

Examples of what you and your colleagues could help us with: woodworking, gardening, miscellaneous repairs, landscaping, construction and special projects (e.g. creating a wildlife pond).

See some volunteers in action in a previous project (building a path in our community garden).

Volunteers building a path in the community garden

Previous experience is not necessary.

Some comments from Marks & Spencer staff who participate in employee volunteer days

"I have really enjoyed working in partnership with the Growing Project. It is great to see how far they have come from the wasteland to start with, to where they are now. All members of the community are welcomed in a friendly manner and get involved which is nice to see some positive community spirit. A really worthwhile cause, a great day volunteering and a brilliant team building experience for our staff." David

"I really enjoyed my time at the Growing Project. Working with some of the people who use the project gave me an insight on how the project helps people. Its also great seeing the kids coming in and being so passionate about what they do and it’s somewhere safe to go."  Lisa

"I enjoyed my day at the Growing Project. I enjoyed learning about all the interesting things that the do with recycling nettles and other things they make with different objects. The staff are really nice and I would go and help out again." P Stewart

"A most enjoyable day! The project is very good for the local community and even the kids seem to be very involved. I enjoyed talking to the fella who grew the gooseberries at the far end. It was interesting and I also enjoyed the other aspect of doing different things." John W

"I loved the Growing Project very much and enjoyed helping out. I think it benefits the community as it helps people come together and get out of the house to get fresh air and help a good cause. It was also good to get an opportunity to spend time with colleagues away from the store. I got to know some staff from other departments.” Michelle Mc

If you are interested in learning more about corporate workdays, please contact Marion Bate.