Shettleston Community Growing Project

Garden projects

This activity has detailed instructions for building a raised bed; the examples can be adapted for your preferred size, height, and shape.

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Raised beds

Herb spirals offer a beautiful and practical way of growing herbs. The upward spiral lets you fit in more plants than a flatter space. The spiral also has areas of sun and free draining soil at the top, with damper, shadier areas lower down to suit herbs with different requirements.

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Herb spiral

Wild flowers help create a healthy organic garden for growing food. They provide food and shelter for beneficial insects that eat pests and pollinate plants. Wild flowers are endlessly fascinating and easy to grow in the smallest or largest of spaces. This activity tells you how to get started and basic maintenance of your wild flowers.

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A wormery is a container where worms and micro-organisms create worm compost (‘vermicompost’) and fertile liquid run-off. Worms mostly consume vegetable peelings, but also shredded paper and other soft waste.

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This activity helps you review a shortlist of possible sites for a growing area.

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Where to grow plants