Shettleston Community Growing Project

Membership of the SCGP costs a one-off fee of £1 and is open to:

* Plotholders of the SCGP

* Volunteers

* Anybody aged 16 and over (or any organisation) from the local area who has an interest in the purposes of the SCGP and can make a positive contribution to its work

* Any other category of individual, or organisation as may be approved by the members

If you wish to become a plot-holder, spaces are allocated in February and there is a yearly rental fee of around £20, which includes the membership fee. Depending on availability it is often possible to sign up at other times of the year also.

For more information about joining the SCGP, becoming a plot-holder or a Green Volunteer, contact the Project Co-ordinator, Marion Bate on 0141 763 0511 or 07530 985 483.

To join the Smelly Welly Club or the Families Programme, contact the Children and Families Worker, Kenny McCubbin on 0141 763 0511 or 07811 981 200.