Shettleston Community Growing Project

Despite winter continuing well into March there have been lots of tasks to tackle on the SCGP site at Eckford Street and Ardgay Street. The main project in recent weeks has been the construction of a path in the community garden to make it more accessible for wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties.

Looking for volunteers to help us build a path

The project was more challenging and took longer than anticipated but a determined group of 41 Green Volunteers worked a total of 522 hours over 8 days, some returning day after day in spite of the wintery March weather.

First, they marked out the edge of the new path, and then lifted the turf and put it aside to be used elsewhere. Next, wood for edging the path was cut and put in place, weed suppressing membrane was laid then dozens of barrow loads of type one and gravel were brought in and ‘whacked’ into position. Finally, we stood back, admired our work and had a barbecue to celebrate. You can see our path taking shape in our photo gallery.

Funding for materials came from Glasgow City Council’s North East Open Spaces & Environment Programme and the project was led by our very capable sessional gardening support workers Sandy Paterson and Lindsey Duncan, and Jo Ridley from TCV.

Here are some of the comments from our Green Volunteers ...

"Enjoyed working as a team. Don't know much about gardening, enjoyed the landscaping. Sunday was amazing, snowing, it was brilliant. We kept working."

"I used to do landscaping in the past. Good to get back into it again. Excellent to see it finished. Good idea to work in smaller teams and rotate the teams."

"Good how everyone chipped in. The path will be good for people with wheelchairs. It’s good to help out. Good to see the women working harder than the guys."

"Met different people. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Now it’s done – what next? Patting myself on the back. Enjoyed working with machines (more confident about laying paths)"