Shettleston Community Growing Project

We regularly inspect plots and greenhouse spaces and offer advice and assistance to help plotholders and green volunteers get bigger and better crops. 

Common problems and suggested solutions

We've noted a few common problems and thought we'd share some helpful hints:

  1. Black spots on potatoes - see Which? factsheet on potato blight for expert advice
  2. Brassicas damaged by birds / caterpillars - the best solution is to net crops to prevent this (please help yourselves to blue netting)
  3. Tomatoes need pruning to increase airflow and direct nutrients into fruit rather than foliage
  4. Possible magnesium deficiency causing yellowing / marbled appearance in leaves can be treated using epsom salts (hoe in around base or spray leaves)

And given the current (mostly) dry spell, we've found these useful tips on how to water plants more effectively:

  1. To help funnel water directly to the roots of your crops, sink a flower pot or an upside down plastic bottle with the bottom cut off into the soil next to plants and water into it
  2. Either water in the morning or the evening, allowing plants to soak up moisture before the hottest part of the day
  3. Target the part of the plant that needs water - this means watering the area of the soil above the roots, avoiding ‘spraying’ the leaves as this wastes water and scorches the plants
  4. Watering plants less frequently, but more thoroughly helps them to develop deep root systems that are better equipped to seek out moisture in the soil