Shettleston Community Growing Project

Our Stories

"I went to the free Basic Horticultural Skills course at the SCGP and then I took on my own plot. The staff and other volunteers were a great help and I discovered that I was quite good at it. No matter the weather, there's always plenty to do at the Growing Project. I like working outside so it's perfect for me. I enjoy the company and I've made lots of friends. I have a lot to thank Sandy (sessional gardening support worker) for. He helped to build my confidence and encouraged me to move on to further study. I'm at college now, but still help out when I can." Tam

Tam working in the polytunnel with Gerry

"Helping out at the Smelly Welly Club after school is a treat. We spend time sowing seeds, planting, growing vegetables then cooking and eating what we grew. I've learnt to make jam. It's great fun!" Gina

"I look forward to each day I spend at the allotment. I started a couple of years ago when I came to the free workshops to learn about gardening and food growing. At the end of the course I stayed on as a volunteer and I now supervise and support the Wednesday volunteer group." George

“I live next to the allotment and have a view of the community garden from our back window. What a difference the volunteers have made to the area around here. I’m not able to do physical work on the site but I volunteer in a different way. I love baking and I bake cakes for special events like the Family Fun Day and the Big Lunch. Sometimes, when I see the volunteers working on the site I bake some cookies and cakes as a wee treat for them. That’s my contribution and it’s a pleasure to be able to support the project in my own way” Anne

Anne baking us a delicious cake

“My son and I enjoy working together at the allotment. We get a chance to spend time together, out of the house, meeting and mixing with other families while we learn to grow our own food. We both really liked building the archway for the Smelly Welly Club. This year we have our own plot and because we live very close to the project we will be able to pop in any time it suits us.” Bart

“When I get home from work and on my days off I like to head round to the Growing Project. Gardening is a great stress buster and if I’ve had a busy day at work I find it relaxing to spend time in the community garden or tending my vegetable plot. I even like weeding – it’s quite therapeutic. My favourite thing is growing geraniums, sprouts and potatoes. It is very satisfying digging up potatoes after planting them and tending to them for many months. They taste much better than shop bought tatties. Yummy!” Norrie

Volunteering is GOOD for you - volunteering is GOOD for the environment - volunteering is FUN - volunteering is for EVERYONE.

New volunteers are always welcome. To find out what's going on and how to get involved, call Marion Bate on 07530 985 483.

"I took on the plot in June 2015 and with other commitments was only really able to go down on a Tuesday night and the occasional weekend day here and there. Despite this though, I learnt so much about growing. I had never grown veg before, so this was a real first for me with a lot to pickup.

Margaret Rodger, Manager of Kirktonholme Nursery in Shettleston, emailed us some great feedback after we helped them to develop their garden area, which now includes flower displays, a herb garden, a yellow flower box and a strawberry patch.

(article by Andy McGowan, one of our plotholders)

I've recently moved into the area and really like gardening - my first ever job was weeding and I used to get 6 pence a week for it. I often cycled past this site and saw lots of people hard at work, so I got in touch with Marion to ask how I could get involved.