Shettleston Community Growing Project

The people that were involved taught all the kids how to look after the plants that they themselves had planted. This gave the children a sense of responsibility and great pride in all that they had accomplished! The Club even covered Beasties, Bugs and Insects and the role they play in fertilisation. The Club gave my children aged nine, five and three the opportunity to meet their neighbours and join in and contribute to their local community. Living in a tenement flat curbed this side of my children's development both physically and socially and the allotment filled this gap.

The Club hours were great as it allowed enough time to do what was needed without the kids becoming restless or losing interest. Even in inclement weather, the Club still opened its gates. This is the best outdoor activity that we as a family have ever been involved in and I am personally saddened to learn that it is to finish in the near future. I feel that there are still a lot of things that we could all learn. We never got the chance to go through the ever changing seasons and we would have liked the opportunity to continue.

It is my opinion, and in speaking with other families who use the allotment, that it would benefit the whole community if funding was made available for our wonderful "Smelly Welly Club".

Yours truly

Kathleen, Josephine, Jessica and Robbie