Shettleston Community Growing Project
Margaret wrote "I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for your support in helping Kirktonholme Nursery develop our garden area. When we first decided that our main development area was our garden, our staff team were all a little concerned as none of us have a good knowledge about plants and flowers and did not know where we would begin. When I telephoned you it was a plea of help as there does not seem to be any other project that I have ever heard about which offers the same guidance and support. You provided a very quick support service by coming to visit us and sharing your knowledge with us. Thereafter, your team worked hard to give us an established garden which I am so pleased about. As a manager within a nursery, I feel it is so beneficial to be able to implement sustainability, looking after plants and flowers and the growing of our own produce to children at such a young age to be able to provide them with a better future
You also kindly invited us to visit your project where I witnessed your team's hard work in progress. Young children and teenagers showing an interest in planting and taking a focus on something which benefits their future was so lovely to see. The fact that you have this sanctuary for children and teenagers to go - not only to learn about enterprise and the growing of their own food but not be loitering about the streets is a valuable asset for this area. During our time walking around your project, I felt that we were in a totally different world - it was like a ray of hope in a struggling area, where children were sharing, working together, supporting each other and most importantly - sharing the same hopes and goals. There was no prejudice, total equality and inclusion and this is such a nice thing to see nowadays where too many children are open to segregation and discrimination. Also the service you provide to ensure that people within your area, such as ourselves, benefit from your knowledge has been extremely helpful.
I hope your project continues indefinitely as you give people hope and a way forward. As for ourselves, we now have a garden area where our children are learning to grow their own produce, care for flowers and plants - and for those children who do not have a garden at home or live in flats, you could not have provided a better gift. We hope to access your help in the future to continue to develop our garden and would like to say a big thank you from all the staff and children at Kirktonholme Nursery - may your project continue to flourish and in turn brighten everyone's lives around you."