Shettleston Community Growing Project

I’d wanted an allotment for a while and when I saw the article in Shettleston Housing Association’s newsletter I made enquiries and got involved in the Steering Group. I am now a member of the management committee and help with the development of the project.

Carol at the Open Day

I had never grown vegetables before and I am delighted to have successfully grown mangetout, sweetcorn, carrots, courgettes, lettuce, tomatoes, basil, onions and spring onions. I enjoy seeing the crops grow and have recently become a fan of the Beechgrove Garden. Family and friends can’t believe that I now spend my Fridays nights in front of the telly taking notes on how to grow vegetables!

The allotment is a wee oasis in the middle of Shettleston and I love spending time there on my own. It is a great place to go for some peace and quiet but I also love the community aspect. I like busy times when there are other people to chat to and we are all learning together.