Shettleston Community Growing Project

Our Stories

To Whom It May Concern:

As a parent of three children from the Shettleston area, I would like to thank all those who were involved in the organisation of the local allotments. The "Smelly Welly Club" was a special favourite of ours. This Club has been a fantastic outdoor activity that my children and I have all enjoyed so much so that they have asked for an allotment of their own for Christmas!!

The Club has taught not only my children but me also how to grow our own fruit and vegetables and that not everything comes from Tesco. The allotment encouraged my children to try more varieties of fruit and vegetables because they had planted and grown their own!

I saw the article in Shettleston Housing Association’s newsletter about the growing project and noticed that they were looking for volunteers to help out in the community garden. I was looking for an outdoor activity to get involved in so I called the Project Co-ordinator, for more information. I am not in the best of health so it was important for me to find a project which suited my needs. Marion assured me that the raised beds were designed with disabled people in mind (less bending) and being a novice was not a problem as everyone is welcome. Having a toilet on site was important, not just for me but for my little grandson, Sam (7 years old), who wanted to help as well. Sam and I have become very much part of the ‘growing community’ and I was happy to be involved in organising the Open Day. I have learnt a lot and made new friends along the way. Other members have encouraged me and I am now confident enough to try growing my own vegetables. I have been allocated my own plot and, with Sam’s help, I have planted some winter vegetables including cabbage, kale, onions and garlic. Sam loves it and it is good for him to learn at an early age.

Last month I was delighted to be named as the project’s ‘Gold Star Volunteer’ and I am looking forward to joining the committee at the Re-Gen Awards Ceremony as the group has been nominated and shortlisted in the Action in the Community category.

Margaret Gracie

Sam’s wee brother, Ben, was born just three weeks ago and we have taken him with us a couple of times. I think he is the youngest member but we can’t get a pair of wellies to fit him!!

I got involved after hearing about it from my neighbour as I wanted to try growing veg. It's my new hobby - I like the fact that the site is nearby and every time I'm there, there's always someone who can help if I need it. Susan with her turnips

I've grown my own potatoes, turnips, lettuce and onions - I'm just amazed how easy it has been. I'd definitely recommend this to others, though I think it could be better advertised locally as lots of people don't know about it.

Susan and Marion

I’d wanted an allotment for a while and when I saw the article in Shettleston Housing Association’s newsletter I made enquiries and got involved in the Steering Group. I am now a member of the management committee and help with the development of the project.

Carol at the Open Day

I had never grown vegetables before and I am delighted to have successfully grown mangetout, sweetcorn, carrots, courgettes, lettuce, tomatoes, basil, onions and spring onions. I enjoy seeing the crops grow and have recently become a fan of the Beechgrove Garden. Family and friends can’t believe that I now spend my Fridays nights in front of the telly taking notes on how to grow vegetables!

The allotment is a wee oasis in the middle of Shettleston and I love spending time there on my own. It is a great place to go for some peace and quiet but I also love the community aspect. I like busy times when there are other people to chat to and we are all learning together.