Shettleston Community Growing Project


Great loaf on its own or with soft cheese. Great for picnics - make the night before.

This delicious gooseberry crumble is ideal with a fruit juice after a long hard day in the garden.

Halloumi Kebabs with Chilli and LimeHalloumi cheese is a great ingredient for the barbeque because it holds its texture and shape when cooked. The cheese is naturally quite salty so the lime is a perfect partner for it. This recipe will make four kebabs.

Serve this vividly coloured chutney with cheeses and cold meats - great to give as a gift, too.

Elderflower champagne is a clear, sparkling drink that is mildly alcoholic. It is easy to prepare and only takes two weeks to mature. As the name suggests, one of the primary ingredients are the white flowers of the Elder tree. These trees are quite common in the UK, and if there aren't any in your garden, they are often found around car parks, squares, schools and other open spaces. Make sure that you get the right tree though! The trees themselves are coarse and shrubby, with large flat heads of creamy white flowers in early summer and clusters of reddish-purple berries in the autumn.